Insurance brands that click.

Consumer behavior is evolving

Aartrijk will guide you in addressing critical questions:

  • Do you follow a clear communications strategy?
  • Is your messaging consistent? Is it relevant to your audience?
  • Do prospects really know who you are?
  • Is your digital presence effective?
  • Who pays attention to developing and sharing your thought leadership and other content?

We polish insurance brands

Want to reach carriers, agents, brokers, consumers, other insurance audiences? Aartrijk creates and implements a communications strategy and tactics so your target audience:

  • Is aware of your brand.
  • Relates to your message.
  • Loves doing business with you.

It’s time to shine!

Aartrijk Brand Camp 2015 Overview

Brand Camp 2015 reflected the same key themes and trends agents are dealing with in their daily lives. In this video Rick and Peter discuss how using video and having a clear brand strategy tie back to improving the customer experience.

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