Map a Customer Experience & Build Loyalty

When customers buy a service, they purchase a set of intangible activities carried out on their behalf. But when they buy an experience, they pay to spend time enjoying a series of memorable events.…
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Channel Harvest Research Featured in Insurance Trade Media

Channel Harvest Research logo

Insurance trade publication and website Insurance Business America interviewed Aartrijk founder and CEO Peter van Aartrijk about the Channel Harvest survey of 1,900 independent insurance agents found.
Said van Aartrijk: “It sounds harsh, but I…
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Channel Harvest Research (News Release): Disconnect for Agencies on Top Carriers’ Pricing & Technology

Channel Harvest Research news release infographic pricing importance versus competitiveness

Research: Disconnect for Agencies on Top Carriers’ Pricing & Technology
Survey of 1,900 Shows Performance Lags Expectation
WASHINGTON (August 23, 2016) – Channel Harvest Research, a firm specializing in the independent insurance…
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Business Insurance Closes: Shuddering at the Shuttering

Business Insurance on August 9 announced its abrupt closure. The venerable insurance trade media outlet, launched in 1967 as a print publication, had offered online news and feature content as well as its longstanding print… Read more


The Polyglot of Politics: 1 Word About the Election Season (& Why It’s Relevant to Insurance)

polyglot (pälʹi glätˊ) n. a mixture or confusion of languages or nomenclatures
It’s that time in America, and in 2016 the election season is like no other.
I was thinking about the lingo used by the…
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