Peter van Aartrijk

Peter is a sports junkie with uncanny insurance industry insight and a fondness for fun. After 20 years as a team-player journalist and public relations specialist, he decided it was time to call his own shots. In 1999, he started building a team of professional communicators — fun factor is a condition of employment — to clarify communications in an industry that’s often misunderstood and rarely considered the life o’the party. To prove he has a great sense of humor, Peter gave his company the unpronounceable family name he inherited from his Belgian ancestors. If only he’d give us their chocolates instead.



Aartrijk: Use this minute

A Reasonable Resolution for 2017
By Peter van Aartrijk
Hey folks, it’s early in the new year. Maybe you’re on your way to fulfilling a personal resolution. Or maybe the gym membership already sounds like…
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No Barriers: Lessons from Erik Weihenmayer

No Barriers, Aartrijk

How to Climb Your Summit Maybe you’ve never heard of Erik Weihenmayer  I hadn’t before this past fall, when I participated in an Assurex Global Partners Conference.
Erik headlined the speakers at the conference. The dude’s an…
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Marketer: Be a Strategic Partner

Strategy or tactics? Investment or expense? I was among those fortunate to speak at the recent Insurance Marketing & Communications Association Conference in Baltimore. Another speaker, Starr Companies CMO Leilani Brown (Twitter handle: @leilanimarkets) really nailed… Read more


Brand: Who Art Thou?

Don Draper had it easy. He didn’t have to worry about brand. It was all about one-way marketing and advertising. Pitch a big idea and then unveil some creative the client likes. Cool creative.
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6 Christmas Selfies

Christmas Selfie

I really love all those selfies that Facebook friends post. Keep ‘em coming, peeps!
But this holiday season, I’m taking a short break from social media. It’s time for another type of selfie — and…
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