Peter van Aartrijk

Peter is a sports junkie with uncanny insurance industry insight and a fondness for fun. After 20 years as a team-player journalist and public relations specialist, he decided it was time to call his own shots. In 1999, he started building a team of professional communicators — fun factor is a condition of employment — to clarify communications in an industry that’s often misunderstood and rarely considered the life o’the party. To prove he has a great sense of humor, Peter gave his company the unpronounceable family name he inherited from his Belgian ancestors. If only he’d give us their chocolates instead.


Shining Example of Customer Experience

Drago - Shining Customer Experience - Aartrijk

By Peter van Aartrijk
Penn Station, New York, is an uber-busy railway station for Amtrak and four commuter train lines. And home to Madison Square Garden. People typically don’t get their shoes shined before Knicks…
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Can the Insurance Industry Offer an ‘Experience?’

Moseley-Williams Discusses Insurance Customer Experience

A Conversation with Dennis Moseley-Williams By Peter van Aartrijk
You’ve heard the terms “customer experience,” or CX, and “Experience Economy.” But how do they relate with insurance? This isn’t a simple, straightforward or fun product offering…
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Avoid These Marketing Mistakes

By Peter van Aartrijk
Symptoms of poorly constructed executive customer/prospect marketing plans are easy to spot. Things rarely will go well without a written plan, budget, calendar, measurement and avoidable oversights. Here’s a quick…
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Is Industry Collaboration Around Tech Even Possible?

Kitty Ambers & Ron Berg

Does it matter whether industry organizations built to support independent agents and carriers collaborate with each other? Or is it best they stay in silos? And should agents care either way? In this Insurance Journal… Read more


Managing Culture: How to Connect Far-Flung & Remote Workers

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By Peter van Aartrijk
CEO, Aartrijk, and Principal, Chromium
Reprinted from Carrier Management magazine, February 27, 2017
Can a company keep a culture alive as workforces become more remote and mobile?

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