Ronimarie Acord

It's always been about language for this former college grammar teacher and magazine editor. But now it's about language and insurance. A recovering grammar snob, Roni reads English textbooks for fun. She owns dozens of them as well as online subscriptions to the Associated Press Stylebook and the Chicago Manual of Style. Her most prized dictionary is an unabridged, multivolume edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, complete with magnifying glass.


Check Your Punctuation at the Door

Aartrijk’s editorial style guide for clients can help you get started on your own. For a PDF copy, write Ronimarie Acord, managing editor, at

Because Style Makes a Difference
By Ronimarie Acord
We’ve discussed the need for your organization to have an editorial style guide, but you also need to update that guide regularly. Our language is constantly evolving.…
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Got Style? Why Your Insurance Brand Needs a Guide

Your Agency Needs a Style Guide

By Ronimarie Acord
An editorial style guide is an internal document that governs how a company communicates in its emails, newsletters, website and other written communications. It’s an extension of company culture and complements the company brand style guide (which…
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