Every insurance brand is a sum total of its customer touch points

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Love Your Local Library

Aartrijk - Love Your Library

by Noel van Aartrijk
The future of the American Public Library System is a complex picture of disruption and aspiration. There are two different perspectives, directly at odds with one another. On one hand, there…
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Insurance Info Best Served in Delectable Bites

Refrigerator Journalism - Aartrijk

What’s on Your Refrigerator? by Lucie Lawrence
That’s how many pieces of information the human brain’s short-term memory can hold. And our brains can only keep this small amount of info for less than 30 seconds.
This means…
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Market Like Coachella - Aartrijk

by Patrice Nickols
Coachella is king! This past April marked the 17th Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Each year the event showcases international and burgeoning musicians and visual artists in the desert of Indio,…
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Put Balance in Your Life the MDRT Way

Aartrijk. Life Balance by Jeremy Thomas.

by Jay Morris
How many of us have achieved that elusive balance in our lives — successfully juggling career, family, exercise, learning, volunteering and personal fulfillment?
In the 1990s when I worked for the National…
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Are You a Player When It Comes to Marketing?

Aartrijk - Golden Bears Marketing Lesson

by Amy Skidmore
In 2014, the Golden Bears from Upper Arlington High School earned a spot in the championship game for Ohio Division I boys’ basketball. It had been 76 years since the last U.A.…
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