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Check Your Punctuation at the Door

Aartrijk’s editorial style guide for clients can help you get started on your own. For a PDF copy, write Ronimarie Acord, managing editor, at roni@Aartrijk.com.

Because Style Makes a Difference
By Ronimarie Acord
We’ve discussed the need for your organization to have an editorial style guide, but you also need to update that guide regularly. Our language is constantly evolving.…
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Funny Business: Make Presentations Memorable

Aartrijk - Funny Business

By Christina Kettler
Tips to Help You Lighten Up “I hate to laugh,” said no one ever.
“I love watching someone read uncomfortably from a script,” said no one again.
“I can’t get enough of 86-slide…
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Successful Marketing: 4 Vital Traits

Aartrijk - 4 Traits Successful Marketing Campaigns

By Lucie Lawrence
It’s Impossible to Cover Everyone & Everything  “Being a parent makes you feel like a blanket that’s always too small. No matter how hard you try to cover everyone, there’s always someone who’s…
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Love from Houston: Aartrijk-er Update

Houston Flooded Grocery - Aartrijk-Laura Packard

This brand-new grocery store was completely flooded.
Dear Friends and Aartrijk Colleagues,
I’m so thankful to report that my family and I are safe. Our house is dry, and we are still living in it,…
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Safer Drivers: The Telematics Challenge

Telematics - Aartrijk

By Sandy Latta
I have a new driver in the family named Jake. As soon as he was eligible, we drove to the adult education center to get his learner’s permit. While he was excited…
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