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Insurance Marketer: Are You Making Music or Just Noise?

Aartrijk: Four-part marketing harmony

Employ 4-Part Harmony for a Better Marketing Score by Chris Amrhein
Sandy’s February post featuring Gordon Lightfoot’s immortal song, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” really hit home. Music is a key driver/feature/happy place of my…
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Aartrijk: Unforgettable training for insurance agents

by Christina Kettler
Picture it: Your team just finished revamping your product coverages and rating tiers. You even convinced your engineers to make your website easier to use. High-fives all around! With so many exciting…
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Is Industry Collaboration Around Tech Even Possible?

Kitty Ambers & Ron Berg

Does it matter whether industry organizations built to support independent agents and carriers collaborate with each other? Or is it best they stay in silos? And should agents care either way? In this Insurance Journal… Read more


Managing Culture: How to Connect Far-Flung & Remote Workers

Aartrijk: A free preview of exclusive, member-only content from Carrier Management magazine

by Peter van Aartrijk
CEO, Aartrijk, and Principal, Chromium
Reprinted from Carrier Management magazine, February 27, 2017
Can a company keep a culture alive as workforces become more remote and mobile?

Powered by InsuranceJournal.tv IMAGINE…
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Millennials, Insurance & Greater Good

Aartrijk: Millennials, Insurance for the Greater Good

Let’s Create Some #FOMO By John Novaria
You know FOMO — the fear of missing out. It’s right up there with LOL, SMH and other popular social hashtags. FOMO is unique, though, because it’s more than…
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