Every insurance brand is a sum total of its customer touch points

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Shining Example of Customer Experience

Drago - Shining Customer Experience - Aartrijk

By Peter van Aartrijk
Penn Station, New York, is an uber-busy railway station for Amtrak and four commuter train lines. And home to Madison Square Garden. People typically don’t get their shoes shined before Knicks…
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Communicating during Change: Emphasize What Stays the Same

During change, emphasize what says the same - Aartrijk

To keep brands strong, stress what they stand for By Regis Coccia
All businesses change, intentionally and otherwise. They take on new people, offer new products and services, combine with other companies and sometimes restructure just…
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Failure IS an Option? Marketing Lesson from NASA & Edison


By Laura Packard
My family and I went to Johnson Space Center recently. While walking through Independence Plaza, which houses the original shuttle carrier aircraft and a shuttle replica, I was struck by one of…
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What Apple Can Teach Independent Insurance Agents

To Satisfy Your Marketing Soul, Ditch Queen. Think Spoonful By Chris Amrhein
Far too many independent insurance agency marketing schemes are clearly based upon the lyrics of Queen: “I want it all, and I want it…
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SEO Public Service Announcement

Aartrijk SEO Public Service Announcement

By Cindy Donaldson
If you are an independent insurance agency owner and are tempted by one of these templated, copy-filled-in websites from someone who promises great search engine optimization (SEO), please do your homework.
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