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Lewis and Clark trekked west from their starting point near St. Louis, Mo. So we thought that would be a perfect meeting place for Brand Campers to assess the digital frontier. Mark your calendars: Brand Camp 2015 will be held May 17-19, in downtown St. Louis.

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Important: If you are registering after April 28 and need a hotel room, please call Sandy Latta at Aartrijk (703.912.7974). This is necessary to get the Brand Camp rate.

If you work in insurance management or insurance marketing — and you care to exchange ideas with some smart and cool people in your industry — join us at Brand Camp 2015. As always, you’ll love the campsite. This time, it’s the beautiful Magnolia Hotel St. Louis. Opened as the Mayfair Hotel in 1925, the building is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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You can see our preliminary agenda here. We use the word preliminary because we are not averse to revising our agenda during camp based on the suggestions of camp attendees. In fact, this flexibility is one of the unique aspects of  Brand Camp.

We appreciate our sponsors, which include Aartrijk, Trusted Choice, Agents Council for Technology, ACORD-User Groups Information Exchange, Chromium, Insurance Journal, Simply Easier Payments, and Insurance is Fun.

Aartrijk is gathering ideas for Brand Camp program content. If you have a rant, rave, idea or issue that you’d like to see explored at the event, fire when ready — to Sandy Latta at

Onward, campers! It’s not just the destination — it’s the journey. Lewis and Clark would be proud.

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What people are saying!

I’ve attended the last two Brand Camp gatherings and am very satisfied with the outcome of both. [After] each trip I returned to the office with a plethora of good ideas and [felt] more energized to begin implementing many of them at our agency. I highly recommend it to anyone who may need a place to start with their marketing and social marketing efforts or if their ideas have become stagnant or are simply looking for a shot of life in an already strong approach. Many great minds with various backgrounds make this a hot bed for growing ideas.”



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Take equal parts of brand bits, coffee house, open-mike night, TED talks, social champions, and cool insurance folks and you have Brand Camp. (Yes, I said “cool” and “insurance” in the same sentence.)” — Peter van Aartrijk

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