Happy Birthday, Aartrijk!

March 28, 2017

By Sandy Latta

On April 1, Aartrijk celebrates 18 years in business. That represents many years of creativity, client relations and strategy. There is a lot to be thankful for and much to reflect on.

The world has changed these past 18 years:

  • The internet transformed the business world.
  • “Online offices” – URLs – became more obviously critical to be in business.
  • Emerging technologies supported more efficient business.
  • We saw the first dot-com bust.
  • Social media came into its own in 2007-ish.
  • Print magazines and newspapers began their transition to digital.
  • Businesses are beginning to understand the importance of the customer journey, the customer experience — thus to approach marketing activities more from the customer’s or prospect’s perspective, rather than the business “insider” perspective.
  • And now digital allows a comprehensive approach to customer and prospect marketing that involves … yes, the customer! The net-net is that marketing is no longer about who can shout the loudest.

What hasn’t changed in 18 years? The need to tell unique stories to a target audience set. And, of course, super-cool associates, clients and friends.

We are thankful for our talented team members, past and present. Without their imagination and endurance, Aartrijk would certainly not be the success it is today.

But we are most thankful for those super-cool clients and their exciting projects that have broadened our creativity and pushed the boundaries of innovation.

So hear us singing Happy Birthday from our offices in Springfield, Virginia, and know that you are celebrating in our very happy occasion!

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