February 7, 2017
Aartrijk - Love Your Social Media Followers

By Patrice Nickols

February is the month of love — and not just for your sweetheart! When it comes to your business, February can be the month that you create a new relationship with your clients — a relationship that focuses on you showing your appreciation for your clients in new and innovative ways. You can roll out different promotions and marketing activities that are related to Valentine’s Day or simply take the time call each client individually to thank them for their business. When it comes to your social media clients, there are fun and beneficial ways to show your love, but they all start with one word: engagement!


In its simplest form, engagement is the interaction between people and brands on social media. Examples would be retweets, shares, comments and “likes,” but those actions are a result of the time and effort a company has invested into its social media strategy and overall brand. How do you get better results in the area of engagement? Do a better job in engaging with your clients on a regular basis. Make posts that ask clients for their input. Respond to comments and thank clients for their reviews on your page. Take 20 minutes per week to “like,” retweet and respond to your followers on THEIR pages. Get engaged!

Content Cupid

Cupid gets it right sometimes and that’s usually when he matches couples based on their needs and desires. Take the same approach with your content. Take a little time to look at what your clients are discussing or sharing on their social outlets, and create content that is relevant to those topics. If they’re discussing a new baby in the family or a book they’re reading, find an angle and write blogs about those topics. Tag your followers to the content like this:

Greg — I noticed your sister had a baby. Congratulations on being a new uncle. We are here to help if you want to offer your sister advice on the transition into parenthood!” [Insert link to an article about New Parent To-Do’s.]

This is an easy way to let clients know they’re on your mind and you’re paying attention. And it’s much cheaper than buying a dozen roses!

Invest in the Relationship

Are you running paid ads or posts? Paid ads are a great way to reach your audience on social media. notes that only 10% of your followers see your organic posts. Using a small budget ($50 can go a long way) you can promote specific posts to get the engagement ball rolling. Learn more about paid ads and start investing in your relationship.

When business owners are mindful of client needs and they spend a little extra time showing their appreciation, it can positively affect the client experience and the business’s overall retention efforts. February is a great month to start showing your clients “love.” But similar to every relationship, the greatest return is when you show love year-round. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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