Managing Culture: How to Connect Far-Flung & Remote Workers

March 8, 2017
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By Peter van Aartrijk
CEO, Aartrijk, and Principal, Chromium

Reprinted from Carrier Management magazine, February 27, 2017

Can a company keep a culture alive as workforces become more remote and mobile?

IMAGINE YOU’RE ON THE RECEIVING END of an email from the CEO with the subject line, “Agenda for Today’s All-Hands Call.” Surprise!

Surprise that it came direct from the CEO—and surprise that the agenda includes only one item, “Our Values.”

The CEO opens the call: “Today we are not going to review quarterly results. We’re not talking about net new premium. We’re not talking about our product lines or agency commission schedule.

“We’re here to restart the conversation about our six core values. Remember those? Maybe you’ve seen them hanging up somewhere in the office?

“Are they making any sense to you? Do we actually believe in them? Are we following them? What are we doing to live the values we wrote down a decade ago?

“These are the questions we’re tackling on this call and with future discussions.”

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