SEO Public Service Announcement

June 27, 2017
Aartrijk SEO Public Service Announcement

By Cindy Donaldson

If you are an independent insurance agency owner and are tempted by one of these templated, copy-filled-in websites from someone who promises great search engine optimization (SEO), please do your homework.

There are two types of SEO.

Word-vomit SEO where websites and content are filled with key word after key word after key word —  every key word you can imagine that might be relevant to the industry. Often these websites are templated and sold by industry centric vendors. So 500 companies will have similar websites many with the same copy. And these websites typically have zero personality. THEY ARE VANILLA. You know how I’m all about the Jamocha Almond Fudge. It’s really freakin’ hard to market vanilla … I digress.

You don’t want a wordy website that looks like everyone else. Trust me. You don’t.

Targeted, personalized SEO. What you do want is a website that tells your story. Shows YOUR brand —  one that shows your WHY. Yep that’s right — I’m telling you to go read Simon Sinek’s book, Start with WHY — AGAIN. At least go watch the TED talk. Your website often makes your first impression with a buyer — the beginning of the customer journey. Why on earth would you want to look like everyone else?

When your website content is about your clients and reflects your WHY, you win. You stand out in the crowd. The hell with what everyone else in your industry is doing — innovate. Tell YOUR story. Talk about YOUR customers. What do THEY want to hear, see and feel when they are on your site?

Marketing is all about getting noticed. It’s about being seen in a sea of your competition. What’s your story? What separates you from the pack? Who are your customers? Write about that and put key words in about your niche markets.

Take the SEO Test

You can’t win the SEO game on generic key words when you are playing against behemoths with billion-dollar digital marketing buy power. Scared to stop what you are doing? You tell me you are getting “calls” from your website?  Do me a favor and take this test. Track all calls coming in that claim they found you on the web on a spread sheet:

  1. Are they in your target client profile? In other words, are they the type of client you want?
  2. Did you give them a proposal, or were they just looking for information?
  3. Did you convert them to a client? 

If you have more noes than yeses — Houston we have an SEO issue. Getting people to call your office is a waste of time if they aren’t the type of client you want or they are just shopping around and you will never close them.

SEO. Sure, it works — but it’s only worth it if it’s done correctly.

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