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In a Word, Why?

I’m reviewing again an excellent book from 2009 called Start with Why, by Simon Sinek. I highly recommend it — duh, so does everyone else.
Sinek says: “Very few people or companies can clearly articulate…
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The stories behind the sign

Have you seen McDonald’s recent TV ad that shows messages that have appeared on signs under the Golden Arches? You can see it here. The signs feature everything from local events to national tragedies.…
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Why I Hate Meatloaf

OK, I don’t really hate meatloaf. I hate what meatloaf represents — expected, ordinary, and downright meat and potato-ey.
Odds are, you have a recipe box filled just like mine, with proven favorites alongside…
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Release: Aartrijk Opens Registration for Brand Camp 2015

Aartrijk Opens Registration for Brand Camp 2015
Interactive Insurance Marketing Conference Booked for May 17-19 in St. Louis
SPRINGFIELD, VA (February 2, 2015) — Insurance content-marketing firm Aartrijk opened registration for its Brand Camp…
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Wanted: Insurance ‘Brand Innovators’

Aartrijk / Insurance Trade Media Expertise / news key on keyboard

Peter van Aartrijk, founder and CEO of Aartrijk, recently authored an article in INbetween, a publication of NAMIC (National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies).
Peter — who also is principal at Chromium (a brand strategy…
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