Meet Our Team

Christina Kettler

Marketing Associate

Originally from the Detroit area, Christina headed south to the University of Florida in 2001. (Go, Gators!) She graduated with her journalism degree and then headed west to sunny San Diego and never looked back. After a few years of freelancing for various companies and local publications, she took an insurance corporate job in 2003 — 401(k) and healthcare, yo — and coincidentally became a branding, marketing and content junkie. In early 2016, Christina decided it was time to expand her insurance marketing know-how to work with other companies throughout the industry. She began consulting full time and hasn’t looked back. She thinks wearing pj’s while on conference calls is livin’ the life. And when she’s not nerding out on things like employee engagement and customer journey mapping, she’s traveling with her husband around the world and writing for her travel blog. And, yes, she was once stung by a scorpion in Bali and saved by a magic ring.
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