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Sheryl Feminis - Aartrijk

Sheryl Feminis

Content Specialist

Sheryl is the writer you want to tell your story and the editor who will make your writing better. She’s a veteran business-to-business communications pro with insurance industry expertise and small-business ownership experience. (OK, so the business was a group of carryout pizza restaurants, not insurance agencies. But the ownership concerns are similar — and who doesn’t want to know someone who can whip up a mean supreme in no time flat?)

Sheryl spent more than a decade in the insurance software business, working with independent agents, carriers and technology experts. She has told their stories, marketed their products and supported the advancement of insurance technology and services. She appreciates the people she meets in the industry, and she continues to look for effective ways to share their experiences.

She treasures family time and lists “making memories” as a favorite activity. And she’s never abandoned her culinary interests. She loves to hang out in her suburban Chicago kitchen, cooking delish dishes for family and friends.
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