Your Personal Brand – Is That a Trick or Treat?

October 31, 2017

By Sandy Latta

Halloween is fun for kids and adults alike. Getting dressed up in a costume and heading out the door to collect free treats — what could be better? 

Imagine the scenario: You see this beautiful country house with a wrap-around porch and manicured landscaping. The house is extravangantly decorated for Halloween, setting up your expectation that this family who cares so much about their home and the holiday will have super-delicious treats just for you — right? You ring the bell and excitedly await the large bowl of sugary confections that are all your favorites. The door opens, and the homeowner offers you last year’s Christmas candy. You stand there confused for a second wondering where the real treats are and seriously, how old is that candy?! That’s it, that’s all you’re offered. You take a bag and say thank you, but honestly, you’re bummed.

I feel like that’s what happens with people’s personal brands. You’re expecting something great and what you really get is — adequate. Hmmm, does your personal brand need to be examined?  What impression do you give? What impression do you want to give? Because people notice.

Marketers McNally and Speak define the personal brand in this way: “Your brand is a perception or emotion, maintained by somebody other than you, that describes the total experience of having a relationship with you.” Make that relationship count, spend time on your brand and become more transparent because that’s who you are.

If you are not “the real deal” then what are you? Soon enough people will see through your façade. It will be as disappointing as my Halloween experience. Make sure you follow through on your personal brand so that when people engage in business with you, they aren’t duped by false advertising.

If you don’t know where to start, check out Laura Lake’s article, “Tips on Creating and Growing Your Personal Brand.” She states: “Developing your personal brand is the proactive way of controlling your career development and how you are perceived in the marketplace.” She has some great introspective ideas on how to maximize your personal brand that will ultimately lead to corporate advantage. Her end game: Building your brand is worth it. Matt Sweetwood echoes that advice in his article, “8 Reasons a Powerful Personal Brand Will Make You Successful. “

So on this Halloween, make getting to know the real you an unexpected but delightful treat.

John Noonan

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